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I'm Garry Brumm, Virtually all my life I had a pony.  When I was old enough to remember, my father Gus, had a grade shetland farm pony.  I am the youngest of three children.  As we grew up, Dad collected a few more ponies, and my sister, brother and I all showed grade shetland ponies at the county fairs.  We also had a few quarter horses around to trail ride.  While I was dating Anne in high school, we would trail ride all the time, but my true love was showing ponies.  While in high school, I showed two hackney ponies and a roadster shetland pony.  In 1973 when I went to college at Murray State University to play football we sold out.  I was the last one at home and we sold all the horses, ponies and most of the equipment.

Anne and I got married in college (August 6, 1976) and had our first of four children while in college (Josh (JT), December 15, 1977).  A few years out of college and after number two child (Keaton, June 24, 1980) we bought our first family pony for JT to show.  We sold that pony in 1982 when we moved to Idaho to start a new career.  We moved back to the Midwest later in 1982 with a promotion to pursue the same career.  In 1983 we finally ended up in Crown Point, Indiana and number three was born (Jordan, June 30, 1983).  In 1984 we purchased several grade shetland ponies and started showing the county fair circuits.  As the kids got older we started buying better ponies--a couple of hackneys and the shetland B.F.S. Sudden Danger and continued showing the county fairs.  In 1988 number four was born (Zachary, September 14, 1988).

The county fair competition was getting tougher and the kids were getting older.  In 1990 we purchased Hollywood Dazzle as a 2 year old from Barb Heywood.  In 1991 we purchased a group of shetlands from Warren Hansen.  One of the ponies in that group was a 2 year old named Wait & See's Black Satin.  In 1992 we purchased 4 year old Missy's Hot Pepper from the Shetland National Sale from Jim Knight.  In 1994 Hollywood Dazzle went on to win his first of ten in a row National Grand Championships in the Formal Pleasure Driving division.  In 1996 Missy's Hot Pepper won the National Grand Champion Roadster Pony over, and in 2001, Wait & See's Black Satin won his first of five in a row National Grand Champion Roadster Pony over titles.  During these years the kids were doing most of the showing at the county fairs and at recognized shetland shows in kid classes and open/stake classes.


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